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Posted by: Lord Scruff Apr 17 2017, 05:50 AM
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The Demolition Derby has concluded and we have taken our first steps towards Pole Position. We know our first competitors in the WHIPLASH Apex and Overtake Championship matches and the stage is set for another lap of Recovery.

Nicholas Donovan certainly endeared himself to WHIPLASH fans in his debut, trashing professional wrestling and his challenger, Rodric O'Chunks, in the process. Now, the MMA superstar has re-iterated his open challenge, demanding another competitor come forth to try and prove him wrong. After the kicking he gave the Scotsman, who will step up to the plate this time? Can Nicholas's mystery opponent ruin his fine start to life here or will they fall too?

This Episode features a few debuts and here's the first of them on the list; the "Amplified" Alonzo Banderas. The lucha sensation from Texas has made his way to the UK to apply his trade in WHIPLASH and he faces a stern test in "The Chunkasaurus", Rodric O'Chunks. Rodric has come up short in both of his matches so far but he'll be looking to reverse his fortunes and get his first win on the board. However, Alonzo is most certainly not one to take lightly and he'll be looking to light up the arena with his dazzling offence. Will Alonzo execute his smooth moves to perfection or will he end up feeling the wrath of a man who's always extra chunky?

The Demolition Derby featured several shock eliminations but there was one that has almost seemed to overshadow even the topic of who ended up as the final two. That is, of course, the controversial elimination Alistair Dawson suffered at the hands of Albert Del Tynesyde, the man he himself eliminated just moments before. Understandably, Alistair was fuming over this but the result still stands, leaving The Dark Saint a title contention short. However, he'll be looking to exact a measure of payback against the man who left him feeling humiliated as Alistair and Del Tynesyde clash in a one on one bout. Will the Geordie rub salt in Alistair's wounds or will he end up on Breaking News?

Speaking of screws, our next débutante has a few of those loose, from what I hear. "The Ice Queen" Sophia Ward has travelled the globe for several years, making numerous opponents feel her frigid wrath, sometimes in the form of brutal post and pre-match attacks. In fact, her behaviour has had many concerned at her impending presence in WHIPLASH. Nonetheless, she returns to her homeland in search for glory and will come up against a woman looking to bounce back from her début defeat at Crash Course - Kayla Dawson. Will she race towards her first victory or will her defeat be a dish best served cold?

Last episode, we joined a great many people in stunned silence as Callum Williams and Shane Draymond suddenly, and shockingly, turned their back on all they had stood for in their 11-year career so far. Longtime admirers were left wondering just what happened to inspire this shift in attitude and it looks as though our questions will be answered as the two have the mic time they requested. But alongside that, Shane Draymond finds himself in a match with Ethan King. Will the Australian high flyer rise to the occasion or will Shane cut him down?

Luna and Sol of Solar Eclipse got themselves off to an impressive start, swiftly dispatching K.C. Lovelace and Miror B. last time out and the two find themselves in a big money match against the team of Kyle Schiller and Shillton Benjamin. Kyle and Shillton have long perfectly combined their wrestling careers with the art of selling out to anyone willing to give them cash for an advertisement and will be looking for their biggest payday yet here in WHIPLASH. Will the duo take a huge win to the bank or will they find their glow eclipsed?

Suffice to say, Episode 1 was a rather mixed night for Benjamin Bender. The Lord of Libido found himself eliminated in surprisingly quick fashion in the Demolition Derby but managed to retain his WHIPLASH Turbulence Championship earlier in the night. However, there is no rest for the lewd and this time, he will defend his title against the man who eliminated him from the Derby - K.C. Lovelace. Lovelace may be 0-2 in WHIPLASH so far but he certainly showed himself to be a more than capable competitor in the Demolition Derby, with only Albert Del Tynesyde spending more time in the match than he did and having a hand in two eliminations total. Will K.C. secure his first victory in the company, as well as the title, or will Bender be taking his title out all night and showing it what it's all about?

With Julianna Vandross confirmed as the first person in contention for the WHIPLASH Apex Championship, it's time for us to move on to our first step in deciding her opponent for the coveted World Championship - the WHIPLASH Champion Circuit. The Circuit will consist of four matches, each being held as the main event of our episodes with the final match being held at Episode 5. Each match is effectively a gauntlet, as the winner will move to the next round, with whoever is left standing tall in the final round going to Pole Position to face The Flawless One. Each match will be No Disqualification and No Count Out, to ensure that each match ends in a definitive pinfall or submission.

In our first round, we have a huge match for you as ASAHI takes on Callum Williams. The Japanese superstar has come up short in both of his blockbuster bouts against Viktor Vlasnic (who will also make an appearance earlier in the show) and Alistair Dawson, as well as producing a rather disappointing turnout in the Demolition Derby, but he will have to put that all behind him and produce the finishing touch he's lacked so far to have a shot at the biggest prize in the company. However, with Callum's change of attitude, one could find it hard to predict the outcome here, especially now that he appears willing to win by less honest means. Will his best friend, Shane, play a part in the result of this match? Can ASAHI end his losing streak and go on to Round 2? Find out the answer to all this and more, this May!

Main Event
WHIPLASH Champion Circuit, Round 1

ASAHI vs Callum Williams

WHIPLASH Turbulence Championship Match
Benjamin Bender © vs K.C. Lovelace

Race the Sun? We Can Shill That Too.
Solar Eclipse (Luna & Sol) vs Kyle Schiller & Shillton Benjamin

My Pun Game is Royally Screwed
Shane Draymond vs Ethan King

An Ice Night for a Fight
Sophia Ward vs Kayla Dawson

This Might Not Be the Promotion Albert Wanted
Alistair Dawson vs Albert Del Tynesyde

Banderas Feels Extra Chunky
Alonzo Banderas vs Rodric O'Chunks

Nicholas Donovan's Open Challenge 2: Electric Boogaloo
Nicholas Donovan vs ???

General Manager Terry Patrick will appear to make an exciting announcement about the Tag Team division!

Callum Williams & Shane Draymond address their actions on Episode 1

Viktor Vlasnic address his future title shot and performance in WHIPLASH so far


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