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 WHIPLASH Wrestling Presents: Crash Course
Lord Scruff
 Posted: Jul 1 2016, 11:53 PM

Sufficiently British.

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Fasten your seatbelts, because we're on our marks, we're set and we're ready to go! Prepare for a Crash Course in WHIPLASH Wrestling, with six exciting matches to get us going before we go into our recovery phase! We have the lot, mystery opponents, tag team action and a title match to close off the show! And to cap it all off, our esteemed owner, Aaron Chamberlain will be opening the show with what he says will be one hell of an announcement!

Albert Del Tynesyde. K.C. Lovelace. The lovable Geordie versus the supreme lover. While K.C. loves the ladies, Tynesyde has a soft spot for all things Newcastle - especially a delicious kebab. Lovelace has a knack for conquering hearts, but overcoming this behemoth of a man should certainly be one hell of a challenge. Is K.C. up to the task here or will he be left crying at the discoteque?

Viktor Vlasnic has been spending his career so far being looked down upon by numerous people, thanks to a lack of formal wrestling training. Some consider his fighting style ancient and refined. However, he has a chance to prove himself against a new foe from the east - ASAHI. Accompanied by his manager, Gakushu, ASAHI has made waves in Japan, leading to many seeing him as the future of the industry. His first match outside of his native country is sure to attract a lot of attention and this bout is bound to be a fight for the ages. Will the sun rise on Vlasnic's career or will ASAHI start to shape the future in WHIPLASH?

WHIPLASH is home to many independent stars already and one we're certainly excited to see in action in the British veteran, Callum Williams. Heralded as one of the star signings, Callum has a lot of hype to live up to and he gets started in a special match against Jade Knight. This young brawler from Oxford feels she has a lot to prove but she's going to have to show she can work with others, as this match isn't a singles match. This is a "Bring a Friend to Work Match", where each competitor will be allowed to choose a tag partner and bring them to this match. They don't even need to be part of the company already! Will we see Callum pull up an ally from his independent days or will he pick someone new to work with? And considering Jade appears to be relatively friendless in this environment, who will she feel she can count on to have her back here?

Callum is not the only veteran making their WHIPLASH début tonight, however. "The Dark Saint of Professional Wrestling", Alistair Dawson, returns to his home country after delivering many a broken bone over in Japan to take on a rather large challenge. A challenge in the former of Big Dave. Dave enters a wrestling ring for the first time, after spending several years as a bouncer and bodyguard. Can he subdue the Dark Saint, or will he be the next piece of breaking news?

Meanwhile, Alistair's cousin, Kayla Dawson, finds herself in action. Unfortunately for her, however, she won't have the benefit of knowing who she faces. It's another mystery!

And the final mystery of the night lies in the main event. Our TV Championship, the Turbulence Championship, will have its first champion crowned. Of course, Mr. Chamberlain has opted to have the two going for it to be a secret until the match is set to start. Who will it be?! And with that, my friends, brace yourselves for a Crash Course, airing this December!

Main Event
The Inaugural WHIPLASH Turbulence Championship Match!

??? vs ???

Kebab Lovers Are Permitted
Albert Del Tynesyde vs K.C. Lovelace

No, I Don't Have a Pun For This One
Viktor Vlasnic vs ASAHI

The Bring a Friend to Work Match!
Callum Williams & ??? vs Jade Knight & ???

Don't Break a Leg, Dave
Alistair Dawson vs Big Dave

It's a Secret to Everybody
Kayla Dawson vs ???

Plus, an appearance from WHIPLASH Owner Aaron Chamberlain!

Sunday 18th December 2016
10PM GMT - 5PM EST - 4PM Central - 2PM PDT

Watch it on our stream page!

The big cheese himself.
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