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 WHIPLASH Wrestling Presents: Crash Course [RESULTS]
Lord Scruff
 Posted: Dec 19 2016, 01:00 AM

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WHIPLASH Owner Aaron Chamberlain made his entrance to thank everyone in attendance before introducing the General Manager of WHIPLASH Recovery, Terry Patrick. Terry then announced the WHIPLASH Champion Circuit. In the main event of Recovery, Episode 1, there will be a Demolition Derby - a battle royal. The winner of the Demolition Derby will go on to the main event of WHIPLASH's first PPV, Pole Position, to compete for the WHIPLASH Apex Championship. The one who finishes in second will receive a consolation prize - they will be inserted into the inaugural match for the WHIPLASH Overtake Championship at the very same pay per view.

The Demolition Derby's winner will be decided by a gauntlet. Each show, there will be a Championship Circuit match - the winner will go on to the next show to complete in the next match. Whoever is left standing in the final match before Pole Position will go on to fight for the World Championship.

Kayla Dawson vs ???
Kayla Dawson's opponent was revealed to be John Doe, who won the match via pinfall after hitting a Stunner.

Albert Del Tynesyde vs K.C. Lovelace
Albert Del Tynesyde quickly defeated K.C. Lovelace, ending the match by way of pinfall after a Burning Hammer.

After the match, ADT tried to be friendly with John Doe in the locker room. Sadly for him, John Doe doesn't make friends. But if he did, he'd be the best friend in the world.

Callum Williams & ??? vs Jade Knight & ???
Callum Williams' teammate was Shane Draymond, while Jade Knight's was Rebeca Garcia.

The team of Callum Williams & Shane Draymond took the win, when Shane hit Rebeca with a Cutter.

After the break, Assistant to GM and Backstage Interview Julien Chase interviewed Callum and Shane, who talked about what a great moment it was for them to win their first match together in WHIPLASH. Callum then showed quite a bit of disrespect towards Jade, stating that she was destined to lose because of her past outside of wrestling, before advising she stick to singles competition.

Alistair Dawson vs Big Dave
Alistair Dawson defeated Big Dave in a back and forth match, picking up the win from a Sit-Out Powerbomb.

Viktor Vlasnic vs ASAHI
Viktor Vlasnic walked out with a pinfall victory over ASAHI after a gruelling match, the contest ending after Vlasnic hit the Emerald Fusion.

Before the main event, Julien Chase attempted to interview Vlasnic. However, Alistair Dawson had other ideas and taunted Vlasnic. Having enough of Dawson's comments, Viktor challenged him to a match at Recovery, a challenge that was declined.

The competitors in the main event title match were revealed to be Rodric O'Chunks and Benjamin Bender.

WHIPLASH Turbulence Championship Match
Rodric O'Chunks vs Benjamin Bender

Benjamin Bender showed a great deal of resiliency and defeated Rodric O'Chunks, after hitting him with the Starfall (Downward Spiral), to become the first WHIPLASH Turbulence Champion, closing the show.

The big cheese himself.
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