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Posted by: Lord Scruff Jun 11 2016, 07:25 AM
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So you want to get in on the action in WHIPLASH Wrestling? Well, there's only one more step for you to take. Fill out the following sign-up form (it's in the code box) and either post it here, or PM it to me (if you'd rather it be a private sign-up).

As a note about movesets, please bear in mind that I have a moveset editor so I can fully modify movesets, including AI, so I'd prefer a general idea of how your character wrestles, as opposed to just a default moveset of another wrestler.

[b]Billed From:[/b]

[b]Alignment:[/b] (Face/Heel/Tweener)
[b]Gimmick & Personality:[/b] (What's your character's deal and how do they generally behave and carry themselves?)
[b]Theme:[/b] (What sweet tune do they make their entrance to?)

[b]Appearance:[/b] (How does your character look? Reference pictures are always welcome.)
[b]Height & Weight:[/b] (Please specify height and weight in feet/inches and pounds.)

[b]Moveset:[/b] (How does your character wrestle? If you have a moveset formula for No Mercy, go ahead and include it in a spoiler box or PM it to me.)
[b]Finishers & Signature Moves:[/b] (Do you have any preference on moves you want to see used as finishers or featured in your characters moveset?)
[b]Other Info:[/b] (Anything else you'd like to specify?)

Posted by: Soryuu Jun 26 2016, 12:29 PM
Name: Viktor Vlasnic
Gender: Male
Nickname/Aliases: Viktor Vlasnic/The Serbian Striker
Billed From: Belgrade, Serbia

Alignment: Face
Gimmick & Personality: Viktor Vlasnic was born and raised in the capital city of Belgrade. He grew watching and loving wrestling as he loved the way it looked, and he thoroughly enjoyed the stories. He taught himself all the moves and spent many hours in the gym practicing. Viktor, without any formal training, only got better when he broke into the wrestling industry. He indeed had a love for wrestling. After he broke into the wrestling industry, people looked down on him for not having any formal training. His presence in the industry made some people think that there was no hope for the industry and that he had absolutely no chance. This is a very driving motivation for him because he wants to make it big and prove all of those doubters wrong.

Appearance: He looks a lot like Novak Djokovic, just bulkier. Ring gear consists of black boots, blue trunks, and black gloves. Alternate attire is white boots and white trunks.
Height & Weight: He is 6'7" in height and about 270 lbs in weight.

Moveset: Technical brawler
Finishers & Signature Moves: Emerald Fusion as the finisher.

Posted by: kiwishrew Aug 21 2016, 09:59 PM
Name: Nicholas Donovan
Gender: Male
Billed From: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Alignment: Heel
Gimmick & Personality: A former MMA fighter who retired from the profession after failing to meet his own expectations. To satiate his own ego, he decided to go into wrestling - a form of fighting he looks down upon and believes to be an easy place to make a name for himself. Nicholas has absolutely no honour and will do anything to win. On top of that, he will also do whatever he can to avoid a fight he knows he cannot win.
Theme: "Without Me" by Eminem

Appearance: Already made on No Mercy.
Height & Weight: 6'3", 242lbs
Moveset: General MMA style
Finishers & Signature Moves: I'll leave this up to you
Other Info:

Posted by: Afrobandito Apr 15 2017, 04:48 PM
b]Name:[/b] Alonzo Banderas
Gender: Male
Nickname/Aliases: Amplified
Billed From: Houston, TX

Alignment: (Face)
Gimmick & Personality: Formerly known as the Unnamed Afro, Alonzo Banderas was afforded the opportunity to compete in the original incarnation of PHOENIX. More often than not, he found himself on the losing end of contests, but was able to gain a small following due to valiant effort en route to defeat. In that small list of victories, the highest honor the Unnamed one secured was his own identity. In the midst of a snowball fight in early December prior to his debut in the ring, Banderas suffered blunt force drama from a large rock contained in an icy projectile, causing a brief time of amnesia for the youngboy and the cause of his ringname.

Theme: "Alive and Amplified" by The Mooney Suzuki

Height & Weight: 5'11", 205 lbs.
Moveset: Something similar to Saturn's moveset or Hayabusa.
Finishers & Signature Moves: Magnum Slug (Pump Handle Slam), Brainbuster

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