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 WHIPLASH Wrestling: Recovery, Episode 1
Lord Scruff
 Posted: Dec 23 2016, 06:17 PM

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Our first champion has been crowned, the demolition derby is set to go and the gauntlet awaits us. Crash Course gave us a taste of what WHIPLASH Wrestling has to offer going forward. And what is on offer on the first episode of Recovery is sure to excite.

The anticipated début of Nicholas Donovan is upon us! This former MMA star turned wrestler has already let off a few choice words to his fellow competitors - none of them being particularly polite. Early interviews certainly indicate that Nicholas has quite a lot of confidence, with him quoted saying that few people in wrestling are even close to being as good as him. Big words and whoever answers Donovan's open challenge will surely be looking to prove that they aren't just close to his level...they're above it.

Speaking of débuts, here comes an exciting duo - Luna and Sol of The Solar Eclipse. This tag team have lit up the world with their intriguing combination of styles and now look to show the fans of WHIPLASH Wrestling what they've got. However, they're up against a colourful combination of wrestlers in K.C. Lovelace and Miror B.. While Miror B. takes centre stage for the first time here, K.C. looks for a little assistance as he tries to bounce back from a rather one sided defeat at Crash Course to Albert Del Tynesyde. Can K.C. and Miror B. bust a move to a victory or will their brilliance be eclipsed?

Next on our list, we have a match that is looking rather tasty right now. After Callum Williams' disparaging comments following their 'Bring a Friend to Work Match', an incensed Jade Knight came to our General Manager, Terry Patrick, demanding a one-on-one match against the indie veteran. Not only that, she wanted there to be no restrictions. In other words, No Disqualifications, Falls Count Anywhere. Well, ask and you shall receive, it seems, because that is what we have. Will Jade put Callum to the sword or will his experience pay off once more?

Now we come to a match between two men who secured impressive victories at Crash Course. The Man in Gray, John Doe, opened the show by defeating Kayla Dawson, while Albert Del Tynesyde followed his example with a 140 second victory over K.C. Lovelace. And after their little run-in backstage, Mr. Patrick decided it was only logical to pit the two against each other. So here we are, two polar opposites are prepared to clash in the squared circle and we cannot wait. Who will fall and who will walk out 2 and 0 in WHIPLASH?

Alistair Dawson sure knows how to endear himself to others, doesn't he? The Dark Saint of Professional Wrestling got under Viktor Vlasnic's skin at Crash Course but the two will not come to blows at Recovery, as Vlasnic wished. Instead, our General Manager decided on something else for Alistair - a match against Vlasnic's fallen foe, ASAHI. These two have previously clashed in Japan and now it is their turn to shine once again in England. Will ASAHI bounce back from his defeat to Vlasnic or will his grim fate make the 10 o'clock news?

And now it is time for us to turn our attentions to our first WHIPLASH Turbulence Champion, Benjamin Bender. The Lord of Libido endured a right chunking from Rodric O'Chunks to win the television title and will address the WHIPLASH fans before his match with the human wrecking ball, Big Dave. Big Dave came up short (for the first time in his life, probably) against Alistair Dawson but he is no doubt feeling confident going into this huge title opportunity. Can the champion stand tall at the end of a thrilling climax or will the big man from Leeds ensure his reign ends prematurely?

The stage is set for the WHIPLASH Championship Circuit. However, before the race begins, we have a little Demolition Derby to go through. Eight men and women have been selected to be the first two to punch their ticket to Pole Position with a shot at the WHIPLASH Apex Championship. Alistair Dawson, Turbulence Champion Benjamin Bender, ASAHI, Albert Del Tynesyde and K.C. Lovelace will all be pulling double duty tonight and who knows, maybe that will have an effect on their performance in the match? Our other four competitors are as follows; the Spanish sensation, Rebeca Garcia, the Serbian Striker, Viktor Vlasnic, and The Flawless Julianna Vandross. And while only one can stand tall and go on to fight for the Apex Championship, remember that the runner-up will go to Pole Position to fight for the WHIPLASH Overtake Championship. It's all to fight for in the main event and this spring, we will find out who the lucky two are! See you soon, everyone!

Main Event
The 8-Man Demolition Derby!

Alistair Dawson vs Benjamin Bender vs Rebeca Garcia vs Viktor Vlasnic vs Julianna Vandross vs K.C. Lovelace vs Albert Del Tynesyde vs ASAHI

WHIPLASH Turbulence Championship Match
Benjamin Bender © vs Big Dave

Breaking News: Someone's Face
Alistair Dawson vs ASAHI

Turnin' Your Music Down Again
John Doe vs Albert Del Tynesyde

No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Match
You Want It, You Got It

Jade Knight vs Callum Williams

We Were Running with the Night!
Solar Eclipse (Luna & Sol) vs K.C. Lovelace & Miror B.

This Open Challenge Would Be So Empty Without Him
Nicholas Donovan vs ???

Thursday 13th April 2017, 12AM BST
Wednesday 12th April 2017, 7PM EDT/6PM CDT/4PM PDT

Watch it on our stream page!

The big cheese himself.
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