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 A Crash Course in WHIPLASH Wrestling!
Lord Scruff
 Posted: Jun 14 2016, 10:08 PM

Sufficiently British.

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Good morning/afternoon/evening, friends. I hope y'all are doing alright. As for me, I've been working on many aspects of WHIPLASH. So far, I've got the logo for Recovery made and ready to rock, and I've got CAWs made for everyone currently on the roster in my private sheet. In that time, I've also been getting together some ideas for the start of WHIPLASH and what I want to do to get everyone (including myself, in a manner of speaking) acquainted with the fed. I've discussed some of my ideas with some friends and now I'm ready to confirm the first step for WHIPLASH Wrestling. And that first step is...

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The journey will kick off with Crash Course, a special mini-PPV that will be host to a good five or six matches and I'll be trying to give as many people signed up a fair shake at appearing on the show and getting their characters out there. And in the main event, there will be a match to crown WHIPLASH's first TV Champion (title name to be decided), but with a fun twist - the two combatants will be a total mystery until the match begins. It could be anyone, even those who've already fought during the show!

I'll have a full card for Crash Course up once everything's finalised (I'm aiming to have a card ready by the end of the week) and I've got a handle on what's going on in WHIPLASH. So if you haven't signed up to the fed yet, click here to do so! And with that, I'm gonna get back to work on this stuff.

Thanks for reading,
Lord Scruff

The big cheese himself.
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