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Posted by: Lord Scruff Aug 3 2016, 12:09 PM
Hey guys, how you doing? Good, hopefully. It's been over a month since the Crash Course card was posted and the show's not been finished, despite me stating that I was hoping for it to be done in July. So what's happened?

Well, I'm not gonna be going into too much detail but basically, there's been a few personal issues both online and offline that were seriously affecting my own motivation to work on any projects. Close friends know I've been struggling creatively, especially with writing, since the start of the year and I'm still trying to rebound from depression.

To add onto these personal issues, I've been running into a roadblock when it comes to the actual production of WHIPLASH. I'd initially hoped to record in a widescreen resolution that'd reduce the black bars on screen and just generally allow me to make a higher quality show than I've done in the past but I've had a lot of complications with rendering that sort of content. After settling with recording in 4:3, I've been having my video clips black screening and causing a lot of stress while trying to put together the intro.

I wanted to get the intro done first because of the fact it will only feature footage I've recorded specially for this, as there are no WHIPLASH shows to pull from. But after having hours of work frequently ruined because of this problem is making it very difficult to persevere with using Sony Vegas. I want to get this done. I've been feeling the motivation to finally get Crash Course done and out there for you guys and the continual problems with production is dragging me right back down.

Part of me says I should persevere with Vegas for now, until I can afford to pay for Adobe Premiere (which, atm, isn't for a couple of weeks) and then I can switch to that and get to grips with it. Or I can do something more passive but feels like the smarter choice overall, and that is to hold off on the production side of things until I have Adobe Premiere. With Premiere, I can maybe have another shot at producing the show in a widescreen resolution. The positive of this is also that I might actually be able to record in MP4s and not take up a shit-ton of space on my hard drive (on current settings so that it's Vegas friendly, a 10 minute clip will take up an entire Gigabyte on its own). I can use the downtime to work on more movesets for characters that'll appear after this first show and I can be better set-up for the entire cycle.

The downside is that me going with the latter would mean a much longer production schedule for this first show, as I'd have to get to grips with new editing software and would be experimenting once again, as opposed to this state I'm currently in where I know everything I'm doing and I just don't know how to fix this current issue. I'd appreciate some thoughts from you guys on this whole thing, see how you guys feel.

And I just want to say, I'm really sorry for all the hold ups so far. I'm sorry I couldn't make the first show for last month, like I said I was going for. I'm sorry for these extra hold ups. I just want to get this show started, so I can do what I love to do - entertain.

Thank you for reading,
Lord Scruff

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