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 WHIPLASH Wrestling: Recovery, Episode 1 [RESULTS]
Lord Scruff
 Posted: Apr 13 2017, 01:58 AM

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Alistair Dawson vs ASAHI
Alistair Dawson defeated ASAHI, ending the match with a brutal Rolling Leg Lock.

Nicholas Donovan's Open Challenge
Nicholas Donovan expressed his contempt for wrestling and talked himself up before being interrupted by his challenger, Rodric O'Chunks. The two had a brief verbal exchange before starting their match, which Nicholas won via pinfall after a combination of devastating kicks.

John Doe vs Albert Del Tynesyde
John Doe defeated Albert Del Tynesyde, getting the pinfall victory after turning one of ADT's own finishers against him - the Burning Hammer.

A sneaky cameraman backstage caught a little bit of Demolition Derby entrant, Julianna Vandross negotiating with WHIPLASH Owner, Aaron Chamberlain, before being caught and kicked out.

Solar Eclipse (Luna & Sol) vs K.C. Lovelace & Miror B.
Solar Eclipse were victorious over the team of K.C. Lovelace and Miror B., with Luna securing the pinfall over K.C. Lovelace after hitting him with the Last End (Sleeper Drop).

Big Dave expressed his displeasure at not being included in the Demolition Derby and stated that he was going to take the Turbulence Championship home with him. Benjamin Bender came out to say how that wouldn't be the case and that he'd be walking out of the arena still champion and the No. 1 Contender for the Apex Championship.

WHIPLASH Turbulence Championship Match
Benjamin Bender © vs Big Dave

Benjamin Bender retained the Turbulence Championship, defeating Big Dave by way of pinfall after a Barebacker (Impaler).

No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Match
Jade Knight vs Callum Williams

Callum Williams secured the victory over Jade Knight after Shane Draymond came to his best friend's aid, breaking up a submission on the outside before the two beat Jade down, ending the match with Callum launching his foe into Shane for a Body Press Cutter.

After the break, Julien Chase attempted to interview Callum and Shane, only to be brushed off and told to ensure the two had some uninterrupted mic time on the next episode.

Main Event - The 8-Man Demolition Derby!
Alistair Dawson vs Benjamin Bender vs Rebeca Garcia vs Viktor Vlasnic vs Julianna Vandross vs K.C. Lovelace vs Albert Del Tynesyde vs ASAHI

Julianna Vandross won the Demolition Derby to be entered into the WHIPLASH Apex Championship match at Pole Position. Viktor Vlasnic finished as runner-up, putting him in the match for the WHIPLASH Overtake Championship at the same PPV.


K.C Lovelace eliminated WHIPLASH Turbulence Champion, Benjamin Bender.
ASAHI eliminated Rebeca Garcia.
Albert Del Tynesyde eliminated ASAHI.
Viktor Vlasnic eliminated K.C. Lovelace.
Alistair Dawson eliminated Albert Del Tynesyde.
Albert Del Tynesyde eliminated Alistair Dawson.
Julianna Vandross eliminated Viktor Vlasnic to win the match.

The big cheese himself.
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